SJK 171 and his respective work has been featured in or appears in the following works of literature.

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    Link: New York Times

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       - Featured: A collaborative show with FUTURA 2000, Lady Pink, Lee Quiñones, United Graffiti Artists (which            included SJK 171 and MIKE 171), and more.

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      - Featured: The author discusses the first ever museum show featuring United Graffiti Artists' work in 1974             at the Chicago Museum of  Science and Industry​.


Featured: Snakes’ Black Book, circa 1972. SJK 171’s handiwork as the curator of "arrows and swiggly lines" is featured in this piece which was sold at auction.

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Phase 2 was a fellow United Graffiti Artists member, which began in 1972.

SJK 171 is quoted as an original "mad bomber" from Manhattan at the beginning of the aerosol art movement.

As seen in "Born in the Streets"

SJK 171 tag circa 1972

Credit: Getty Images/Hilton Archives/ NY Post

SJK 171 was hired by Tharp to spray paint the backdrop design live onstage during the Joffrey Ballet performances.

As seen in "Atlantica", this collaborative canvas features artists such as: Phase 2, SJK 171, Coco 144, Snake 1, MICO, CAT 87, LEE 163, AMRL/BAMA

and Ex Vandals.

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